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Polyfaced, multidisciplinary and markedly Mediterranean

As most of you know I'm an artist for many decades (see more at and my work ranges from powerful colours to delicate nuances, abounding in the ranges of blues and turquoises that remind us of the marine environment.

My first years as an urban and underground  artist were spent in psychedelic Barcelona, moving to Menorca in the early 80s.

Defined Mediterranean character by origin and "modus vivendi", my work addresses aspects related to the sea, navigation, summer, critical or sarcastic at times, others more reflective or poetic.

I used a varied mixed and informal technique, creating an International presence of my work in public and private collctions.

Now, based on my own work, I create my own brand, on the trail of design in t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc., starting my own path as a complement to the creative restlessness.

I started like taking a shot in d dark, just for fun.

MENORCA NATIVE ART it doesn’t want to be a fashion brand or an artistic project either bcs it exist allready.

Garments will be another way to show my easthetic and conceptual art lenguaje to be expanded to the world from Menorca island following the track dessign.

Monrós NATIVE ART is my day a day where I can highlight icons of my work.

Still here to enjoy myself, trying to make my friends and followers happy througth my new creations.

This is not a project, its a way of life on the calm or storm of Menorca, but allways rowing anyway.

Be in the Team - Menorca Native Art


Rebel kid into an old bastard, with a chaotic art universe that you can shop online

Some of my most popular garments

Almost sold out...

The track marks a direction. Directions much more tan a result.

I keep rowing on my own boat.


I suport local charities and organisations who keep menorca beautiful.


WILD ART - a retro video from b4... enjoy!

OK! you have something you like!

If you press BUY I personaly will attend your order, I,m not d Amazon, but make sure I,ll do my best to make you happy.

Want to see? This is how I pack for you!!.

How will you get it?

I go once or 2 times a week to d post office. They take it from Menorca island on a boat or plane to your door. Easy???

🏃‍♂️💨 IF IS IMPORTANT OR URGENT just talk to me!! Click here to message me.


Every time you buy something from me you give back to Menorca with my projects.

If you order d wrong item etc then just message me. Bcaus I use shopify so I have to have a returns policy